Bicycle Northbound

Crosstown Trail Bike Cue Sheet, Northbound

Note: This route is a combination of roads, paved pathways, and dirt trails. Several sections have stairways or other barriers, a detour is provided for each of them. No detour is provided for singletrack trails but connections are available on roads.

Section 1 - Bike North

Sunrise Point/Candlestick Point State Recreation Area to Glen Park BART
5.3 miles / 820' elevation gain

Section 2 - Bike North

Glen Park BART Station to Forest Hill MUNI Metro Station
3.1 miles / 720' of elevation gain

Section 3 - Bike North

Forest Hill MUNI Metro Station to Intersection of Judah and 16th Avenue
2.3 miles / 450' of elevation gain

Section 4 - Bike North

Judah and 16th Avenue Across Golden Gate Park to Geary and Presidio Parkway
2.2 miles / 100' elevation gain

Section 5 - Bike North

Geary and Park Presidio to Lands End
3.2 miles / 350' elevation gain