One trail, many journeys

Big thanks for joining us on our second-anniversary weekend, June 5 and 6, 2021! Just as the Bay Area began to open up for outdoor gatherings, dozens of walkers, cyclists, and runners met under sunny skies to explore the Crosstown Trail.

Some of you joined one of our organized events; others took the DIY route. Yet we all recognized each other on the Trail. Perhaps it was the jaunty blue T-shirt or cap. Or maybe just that elated — or exhausted — expression.

Before the weekend, SF Chronicle reporters Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight had a delightful conversation with Crosstown Trail organizer Bob Siegel. Give the June 4 podcast a listen at Total SF.

And afterward, travel writers Linda and David Mullally covered their own Crosstown Trail trek in this Monterey Herald article.

Enjoy this photo gallery, and be sure to visit Mission Blue in Visitacion Valley or Bird & Beckett in Glen Park for your Crosstown Trail T-shirts and caps. You can also order your gear online through Nature in the City.

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A Candlestick Point start. Credit: Christopher Watros
Cyclists, runners and walkers take off from Candlestick Point. Courtesy of Jesse Osorio
Gem, the Siberian Husky, prepares to lead a group from Lands End. Credit: Dindo Dalena
Hike leader Bob Siegel learns about the Little Hollywood neighborhood from a local. Rumor has it Mae West had a getaway place here. Credit: Tina Martin
Up through the Visitacion Valley Greenway. Credit: Christopher Watros
McLaren Park’s Wilde Overlook. Credit: Randy Fong
Through Glen Canyon. Credit: Johanna Lopez Miyaki
Up through the canyon. Credit: Amy Kaeser
Groups led by Bob Siegel and Karen Rhodes meet by chance in Laguna Honda. Credit: Dindo Dalena
The aptly named Grandview Steps. Credit: Amy Kaeser
Looking north from Grandview Park. Credit: Amy Kaeser
Coyote bush and succulents along the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. Credit: Amy Kaeser
Did you notice the salamander up the Hidden Garden Steps? Credit: Christopher Watros
How about the snail? Credit: Randy Fong
Golden Gate Park’s Rose Garden was first planted in 1961. Credit: Randy Fong
The cyclists find their own tiled stairs, the Lincoln Park Steps. Credit: Matthew Blain
Sutro Baths at Lands End. Credit: Amy Kaeser
A Candlestick Point finish. Credit: Dindo Dalena
A Lands End finish. Credit: Christopher Watros
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