About the Trail


In 2012, we imagined a trail that would cut across San Francisco, connecting the city’s neighborhoods, open spaces, and local trails. An initial outline of the trail was recognized by the city in 2014, but the work on the ground to bring the trail to life didn’t start until four years later. 

In 2018, a coalition of volunteers came together to more clearly define the route of the Crosstown Trail. We collaborated with local businesses, government departments, and nonprofits to create a route for everyone. On June 1, 2019, National Trails Day, the trail opened to the public with more than 200 hikers, cyclists, and runners taking part in the opening weekend.

Although the trail has no physical signage or markers, the route is officially recognized in the Recreation and Open Space Element of San Francisco’s General Plan.

Trail Connections

In addition to connecting many of the proposed routes of the Green Connections Plan, the Crosstown Trail connects to many local and regional trails. Including:


The Crosstown Trail Coalition is a group of individuals in San Francisco who love trails. We’re part of many outdoor groups you may have heard of, including: