Transit-COVID Update, Fall 2020

After Spring 2020 service cuts, MUNI is once again starting to be a feasible option for making Crosstown Trail shuttle trips (with taxis and ride-sharing good alternatives). At the start of the COVID-19 shutdown San Francisco cut MUNI service to about a dozen lines that mainly served hospitals and city offices. Ridership was restricted to… Continue reading Transit-COVID Update, Fall 2020

Transit Along the Crosstown Trail*

*Note: MUNI sharply curtailed service in April 2020 to protect riders and operators during the COVID pandemic. Check our Fall 2020 Core Service update to learn what lines are back in service, and riding tips for the new normal. ( 10/16/20) Section 1: Sunrise Point is the one Crosstown Trail start/end point that is not… Continue reading Transit Along the Crosstown Trail*