Celebrate the opening of the San Francisco Crosstown Trail on National Trails Weekend (June 1 and June 2)

National Trails Weekend is the first weekend in June, and you can celebrate by being among the first to traverse all or part of the new 17-mile San Francisco Crosstown Trail (SFCT).

The SFCT runs diagonally across San Francisco from the edge of the San Francisco Bay in Candlestick Point State Recreation Area to the Pacific Ocean at Lands End in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The Crosstown Trail was included in the Recreation and Open Space Element of the SF General Plan, and was adopted by the San Francisco Planning Department in 2014. In 2018, volunteers from a number of non-profits and local advocacy groups joined forces to formally establish the route for the SFCT, and to develop maps and cue sheets for each of the five Crosstown Trail sections.

Connecting neighborhoods, open spaces, and major San Francisco trails, The San Francisco Crosstown Trail is now open for both pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy, Furthermore, each of the route’s five sections start and end near a major public transit stop, so the SFCT can be accessed car-free.

You are invited to celebrate the trail’s opening in the following ways:

  • Join a hike or bike trek being led by members of the SF Crosstown Trail Coalition on June 1-2, 2019 to celebrate the trail’s inaugural weekend. Events range from traversing the full route in both the northwest and southeast directions, to shorter jaunts on just one or two of the sections.
  • Plan your own outing on the SFCT for your organization, your family, or your friends to discover the city’s newest trail on your own.
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