Maps and Cue Sheets

The San Francisco Crosstown Trail crosses San Francisco diagonally from southeast to northwest. Set out for a trek on the entire trail or pick up a smaller section for a shorter stroll.

The trail is not signed, so be sure to bring a map or cue sheet!

Smartphone App

If you have a smartphone, download the OuterSpatial app. This will let you download all the cue sheets and maps, and show you where you are on the map in real time!

OuterSpatial App screenshots

Downloadable Maps

You can download maps from Pease Press now!

Note that these are now hosted directly on the Crosstown Trail website.

Downloadable Cue Sheets

You can view them in the browser, and print them from there, or download and print a PDF. Cue sheets are specific to hiking or bicycling use, in each direction. A GPX (route but no cues) is also available for those who want to follow using a GPS or similar.

Approximate route of crosstown trail